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When your dog has had an injury and is recovering, we know it can be a very difficult time for you. Here at PT4animals, we provide invaluable education for you to help your dog improve, but also for YOU to feel better and empowered to ensure the greatest healing for your dog. PT stands for physical therapy in the human world, but here at PT4animals, the PT also can signify “psychological therapy.” Many dog owners have reported that they could use some assistance in working through the sometimes very difficult emotions that surface around the injury of their beloved pet! We understand and honor the deep connection between human and animal. As such, we enjoy providing assistance to both the dog and “dog parents” and treating you as a whole, a unit. The energy you exude around your pet can have an impact on his/her healing. It is common for dogs to sense your anguish and we’ll address this. Let’s make sure we are doing everything possible to create the best outcome for all involved! With great love for the greatest creatures on Earth!

~ PT4animals