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Physical Therapy for Animals (PT 4 Animals, for short) - and formerly New England Physical Therapy for Animals - is dedicated to improving the lives of animals! 

We are going through some changes since moving to Knoxville, TN.  PT 4 Animals will now serve as a resource center for all things related to animal physical therapy.  See our new blog at:

Services will also be available, including physical therapy, massage, fitness instruction, home exercise programs, and more.

Julie aims to educate pet owners and veterinarians about the importance of physical therapy for pets and the wonderful benefits and improvement of outcomes with the addition of professional physical therapy services. 

Julie is also committed to providing pet owners with the education and tools they require to provide the best care possible for their pets, including extensive instruction on how to perform the daily therapy, massage, or exercises at home. 

Also, Julie is able to share a vast array of home care solutions for pet owners struggling with an injured or handicapped pet.  And while she is at it, she has a knack for helping clients to feel empowered and comforted, giving them a sense of trust and power that their dogs will get better and that they can help them to do so!  It is truly remarkable!

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More about the physical therapist...

Julie Stuart, founder of PT 4 Animals, is a licensed physical therapist with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island. Julie began physical therapy school with the intention of treating only humans.  However, part way through graduate school, Julie's dog, Tucker (pictured here), taught her that animals need physical therapy too!  So, because of her passion for animals and Tucker's insistence, Julie chose to apply her physical therapy knowledge and skills to the animal patient population as well as to her human patients.

Julie served as a consultant to local veterinarians in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and surrounding areas from 2000 to 2008.  She also worked at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, where she provided inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services for thousands of patients with a vast array of problems since 2001.  Julie was the second physical therapist in the country to be hired by a veterinary school. 

Julie treats primarily dogs, but has also performed physical therapy on cats, horses, miniature horses, goats, llamas, and even a possum, wallabe, and a zebra!  She recently relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee and is now offering appointments.  East Tennessee is lucky to have her experience and expertise in this field!

Julie has attended several courses and conferences related to animal physical therapy and she has presented her work and shared her unique knowledge and experience with physical therapists and veterinarians across the country and around the world.  Indeed, Julie is one of the most experienced canine physical therapists in the country.  When she first began treating animals, there were only a handful of physical therapists across the country who were working with dogs.  Since then, with the help of continuing education courses offered in canine physical therapy, the field has grown significantly and many changes are underway. 

How it all began…

Julie's interest in animal physical therapy developed from her own dog, Tucker. In 1998, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at eight months of age and due to the severity of his condition, the vets anticipated that he would require a hip replacement after he was fully grown.

Being a physical therapy student at the time, Julie knew that every person who undergoes a hip replacement has intensive physical therapy. And she knew that Tucker deserved the best treatment and care possible! Determined to learn enough to translate her physical therapy knowledge over to her dog's body, she began researching the field of animal physical therapy. Julie discovered that the animal physical therapy field was just emerging.  After taking her first course in canine physical therapy at the University of Tennessee veterinary school, Julie said, "That weekend was the best weekend of my life - it was the start of a new career path that involved the blending of my two passions!"  (Little did she know then that she would eventually be moving to Knoxville!)

Since that first course at UT, Julie took several canine physical therapy courses offered to physical therapists, did a tremendous amount of self-study, observed canine surgeries, and began treating dogs in 2000.  Tucker is now twelve years old and has lived a long, active life with strong legs and minimal discomfort.  He never needed surgery.

“Improving the lives of animals!“

Julie Stuart, MS, PT
Licensed Physical Therapist
Knoxville, TN
To contact Julie, please send email to: